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BangorHousing Applications & Forms

You may find our application and tenant forms below:

Housing Application

Apply for a BangorHousing apartment.
Apply for Housing

Section 8 / Housing Choice Voucher

Apply for the Maine Centralized Section 8 waiting list.
Apply for Section 8

Direct Rental Withdrawal

BangorHousing direct rental withdrawal form.
Direct Rental Withdrawal Form

Authorization for Animal Ownership

BangorHousing application for animal ownership.
Authorization for Pet Ownership

Request for Reasonable Accommodation

Adjusting rules, policies, practices, or services to ensure tenants or applicants with disabilities can equally enjoy living spaces and common areas.

Some examples of this are snow removal assistance and adding a support or assistance animal.
Request a Reasonable Accommodation
Click here for the Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Request Meeting

Request a formal or informal meeting with BangorHousing staff to discuss a disagreement, or request a decision be appealed.
Request a Meeting

Change of Situation

This form is to notify BangorHousing that you are adding or removing pets or appliances.
Notify of Situation Change

Notice of Intent to Vacate

Notify BangorHousing that you intend to relocate away from your current apartment. This notice must be submitted at least 30-days before you move out.
Notify of Intent to Vacate