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Notice of Intent to Vacate

Please click here to view the housekeeping standards.

Prior to accepting a unit from an out-going tenant, Bangor Housing Authority requires that the apartment is acceptable for the next tenant.

In accordance with the terms of the Lease, a final inspection of the apartment shall be completed before tenants are released from their obligations. Until a move out inspection is conducted, the tenant remains financially responsible for rent and damage to the dwelling unit.

The head of household must notify the Administrative Office of the proposed move at least 30 days in advance. The move out inspection will be set up once this form is completed and delivered to the Administrative Office.

The final inspection ensures that standards of cleanliness have been met, and provides for an assessment of damages that are beyond normal wear and tear. A representative of Bangor Housing Authority will accompany the head of household, or a designated representative, in performing the final inspection.

The inspector will inform the tenant whether the apartment passes or fails the inspection. The tenant will then have an opportunity to correct unsatisfactory items within an agreed upon timeframe. Any security deposit will be returned or retained in accordance with Maine law and the Lease. Bangor Housing Authority may retain some or all of a security deposit for damage, cleaning, or rent or other charges owed. If, after retaining the security deposit, additional monies are owed to Bangor Housing Authority, a final bill will be provided to the tenant.

The keys will be returned to the inspector at the time of the final inspection.

I have read and understand the move out process.

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Time of Move Out Inspection
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