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Our Team

Michael Myatt Executive Director
Joseph Bethony General Counsel Ext: 126
Alexis Dunham Director of Human Resources & Administration Ext: 146
Kayla Hamel Administrative Assistant Ext: 111
Josiah Brochu Administrative Assistant-Property Management Ext: 129
Public Records Request
Property Management
Melissa Rhodes Director of Property Management Ext: 143
Erica Gallant Property Manager Ext: 167
Joe Knox Property Manager Ext: 113
Chelsea Coleman Property Management Assistant Ext: 122
G Sawtelle Property Management Assistant Ext: 142
Morgan Sickles Property Management Assistant Ext: 144
Susan D'Alessandro Property Management Assistant Ext: 116
Jennifer Vanidestine Leasing Specialist Ext: 125
Officer Carter Bangor PD Liaison
Voucher Programs
Jennifer Holt Acting Director of Voucher Program Ext: 115
Donna Peirce Program Officer Ext: 118
Diane Leach Program Officer Ext: 163
Meredith Toole Program Officer Ext: 164
Tommy Lyons Housing Inspector Ext: 121
Holly Burbank Chief Financial Officer Ext: 170
Finance Accountant Ext: 123
Resident Services
Elizabeth Marsh Director of Resident Services Ext: 147
Renee Lyons Resident Services Coordinator Ext: 140
Michael Watters Resident Services Coordinator Ext: 114
Robyn Brochu Resident Services Coordinator Ext: 138
Heather Higgins Moving Families Forward Coordinator Ext: 133
Matt Clark Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator Ext: 119
Sierra Taylor Family Self Sufficiency Coach Ext: 124
Charlotte Southard Family Self Sufficiency Coach Ext: 127
Cathy-Jo Owen Family Self Sufficiency Coach Ext: 145
Jordan Demerchant Community Mental Health Ambassador (Maine MOM) Ext: 150
Jim Brochu Director of Maintenance Ext: 161
Eric Macdonald Business Manager Ext: 117
Nevin Williams Maintenance Supervisor Ext: 162
Mike McPhee Maintenance Supervisor Ext: 120
Dave Bryant Maintenance Supervisor Ext: 159
Michael Trask Procurement Specialist Ext: 158
Real Estate Development
Cindy Witas Development Director Ext: 148
Bob Rhodes Jr. Director of Construction Ext: 157
Shane Vanidestine Project Coordinator Ext: 156
Tina Clary Director of Compliance and Initiatives Ext: 165
Board of Commissioners
Richard Laferte, NCC Board Chair
Paul Chaiken, NCC Vice Chair
Awa Conteh Commissioner
Kaitlyn Michaud Commissioner
Sarah Loyd Commissioner
Ellen Adams Commissioner