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  1. BangorHousing Launches New Program – MOMS

    BangorHousing is launching a new program to help mothers navigate raising children while also prioritizing their own mental health needs.

    The new program, called MOMS – Mental Health Outreach for Mothers – follows a model with core principles, interventions, and strategies – and is aimed at helping mothers who are pregnant or caregiving to children, up to the age of 18, and who are experiencing economic hardship.

    BangorHousing’s MOMS program will be led by BHA Community Mental Health Ambassador Jordan DeMerchant – a mother of 6 and 10-year-old daughters who live in the Capehart neighborhood.

    Jordan says she has benefited from peer support while raising her own children, and is grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward.

    “Nobody is perfect – everyone has bad days, and everyone has struggles,” DeMerchant said. “This is meant to be free and helpful. Give it a try – maybe it’s not for you, but maybe it is a great class that gives you more tools for your toolbox.”

    Some of the takeaways Jordan had from her classes included how to have more patience and take things one step at a time, learning how to allow her children to have their own voices, and shifting her mindset to think of her relationships with her children as a partnership, where they are working together to communicate and succeed.

    For its inaugural round, BangorHousing will be offering two sessions – one that meets virtually on Monday evenings, and one that meets in-person on Wednesday afternoons. The in-person sessions include childcare to allow mothers to focus on their classes.

    In addition to working on shifting approaches to handling stressful situation, communication and relaxation tips, and breathing exercises, BangorHousing is also bringing in expertise from Community Health and Counseling Services, who can help people address and navigate their mental health needs.

    “Motherhood can be very isolating, and many people don’t have support systems,” said DeMerchant. “I hope I can help make peoples’ lives a bit easier – even if it’s just to know they have support. I would love to see friendships being created and helpful tips being shared.”

    If you’re interested in learning more about the MOMS classes, you can contact Jordan via email or by calling her at 207-478-3613.